Driving in bad weather or bumper to bumper traffic can be stressful. Although you can control what’s going on in your car, what happens outside is out of your control. From distracted drivers to road construction, it’s essential to pay attention and take action if you notice any potential road hazards. If you’ve had issues on the highway, then our Ford dealership near Gainesville can handle your service needs and install genuine Ford parts. Stay safe on the roads by watching out for these common hazards.

Bad weather

While rainy or snowy weather may force you to slow down, other weather conditions like fog pose additional hazards. Any inclement weather reduces your visibility, as well as the visibility of the drivers around you. Protect yourself by turning on your lights and slowing down.

Traffic congestion

Weather it’s packed city streets or bumper to bumper traffic on the highway, traffic jams cause frustration and fatigue. Stay on the lookout by using your mirrors to catch those coming around you on a shoulder or cutting in to avoid a closed lane.

Distracted drivers

Everyone gets distracted now and then, but unfortunately, distracted driving also causes many accidents every year. Distractions can range from irresponsible drug or alcohol use to medical issues and smartphones. Don’t interact with errant drivers or you risk putting yourself in danger. Instead, avoid them and call the authorities.

When it comes to driving, common hazards pose threats. If you have problems on the highway or are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, then stop into our Ford dealership near Gainesville. Our certified techs use genuine Ford parts and can inspect and repair your vehicle on site. Call Ford of Ocala to find out more.